Geospatial Data – Maritime

SDI provides geospatial services in support of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s (NGA) Foundation GEOINT Maritime program. The objectives are to produce and continuously maintain NGA’s Hydrographic Foundation Data – primarily including Digital Nautical Chart (DNC) data as well as other digital products formatted to Vector Product Format (VPF). DNC coverages are composed of Harbor, Approach, Coastal, and General Libraries. Hydrographic Foundation Data is intended to support safety of navigation, maritime planning operations, and intelligence activities on a worldwide basis. SDI performs additional NGA Maritime related geospatial services to include New Library Collection (NLC) and New Source Incorporation (NSI) over numerous regions of the world. Work is performed within an ArcGIS platform and subsequently converted to VPF or virtually any other desired data format.

Geospatial Data – Content Management

SDI provides geospatial services in support of NGA’s Foundation GEOINT Content Management program. SDI provides specification compliant data that supports the use of digital features for map production. Practical applications of our data include tactical planning for military mission operations, disaster support and preparation, as well as humanitarian operations. Digital production of point, line, and area features is accomplished by utilizing government and commercially available imagery as well as cartographic sources. Resultant detailed datasets include: Vertical Obstruction (VO), Transportation, Hydrography, Power, Groundcover, and Cultural feature layers created by conflating existing datasets and providing ‘gap fill’ via on-screen digitization and feature attribution.

Our Commitment to Quality

SDI has a long history of providing high-quality mapping products and geospatial services. Our highly trained staff of Production and Quality Assurance Analysts are dedicated to creating exceptional data in an efficient manner. SDI has developed and maintains a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001:2008 Standards. This system ensures we produce, continually improve, and deliver on-time, high-quality, and cost-effective geospatial data and services.

Past Performance

Established in 1994, SDI has a long history of superior past performance. Serving as both a Prime Contractor and a Subcontractor to government and private industry, we have established an excellent customer satisfaction track record. Since becoming ISO 9001:2008 compliant in January 2004, we have compiled an impressive number of high satisfaction ratings from our customers based upon: Quality of Work, Delivery of Service, Communication, Knowledge of Service, and Understanding of Customer Needs.